American Express error CC-502 all week

I have been getting error CC-502 for my 2 American Express accounts every day all week. I even tried to add a "new" American Express account but same error and "Connection problem" and "Quicken can't add because the website is down"

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @kknj,

    Sorry to hear that you are having AMEX connection issues.

    Can you tell us which method you are using to connect with those 2 credit card accounts?  Also, which versions of both Quicken and Windows are you running?


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  • Tom Young
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    My AMEX card has always used Direct Connect as the download method as opposed to the sometimes funky Express Web Connect that error code says you're using.  I'd try switching over to the DC method, if possible. 

  • kknj
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    Thanks @Tom Young that worked for me! (Sorry I clicked the wrong "Accepted Answer" :( )
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