Reconcile Cash on an Investment Account

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  • Jeff627
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    There is an underlying issue not mentioned above. Quicken programmers did not seem to realize that we might want to reconcile cash associated with an investment account as we do other cash accounts. The cash balance is not captured in the reconcile screen and must be obtained using the online center screens and then entered manually. Furthermore not all cash transactions are captured in the reconcile functionality so the user must resort to paper and pencil. The functionality is worthless as programmed and apparently Quicken does not consider this a problem (based on a long call with customer service this morning). I came across this because I've started using my investment account for checking. Quicken's handling of cash associated with an investment account is quite disappointing.
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    @Jeff627 - Have you set up your investment account to Show cash in a checking account?  This option allows for cash transactions to be tracked like they are in other checking accounts.  And while it does not have the feature that allows you to reconcile to online balance it does allow for reconciliation without needing to use paper and pencil.
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