Cannot download "Investments" from LPL Financial via any method

Hello. I am unable to add my LPL Financial accounts via any method: web connect, express web connect, or QFX download. I see other users have inquired about this recently, and unfortunately they appear to be getting nowhere. I see discussions closed with no resolution.

Is this going to be addressed? I can provide details, but I'd prefer to not start on a wild goose chase.

Thank you.


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    Hello @ejl14

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having.  With LPL Financial being a broker they would need to have Direct Connect in order to download your accounts. I would recommend contacting LPL financial so that you're able to get more information about getting a connection to Quicken to be able to connect. 


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  • ejl14
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    Hello Francisco. Thank you for the quick reply.

    Quicken advertises LPL financial and offers it when searching for a financial institution from which to download. A quick search of this community will reveal several threads from uses having difficulty.

    For example:

    Users seem to get engaged, then ignored.

    Does Quicken expect to address this issue? I can provide any details you need, but I want to know I'm not just going to be similarly abandoned.
  • ejl14
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    A longer list here:

    It includes the ones listed above, this thread (of course), and some others.

    Can we please get either a resolution, or an acknowledgment that Quicken isn't going to help?
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    Hello? Can we please get an update on this issue?
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    In order to add Brokerage accounts into Quicken the FI will need to have a Direct connect option available. Brokerage accounts are not able to be updated through express web connect which is the only option that is currently offered by LPL financial. I would recommend contacting the FI to have direct connect set up so that Quicken is able to connect to their servers and download information directly into Quicken,

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    Here is the Quicken info for - LPL -
    Not sure if  @quicken Francisco is correct about Direct Connect -
    but then why would the LPL entry have only Investments listed
    but with support from manual Web Connect and online downloading EWC ?
    11372    11372    11372    LPL Financial    1-8xx-877-7210    ACTIVE        

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    It has been my understanding for a long time that DC is a requirement for download of investment accounts data and that EWC and WC do not support that.  So, yes, I agree with @Ps56k2 that what is shown in the FIDIR list raises questions.
    Assuming that it is correct that DC is needed for investment accounts support (and I have seen nothing concrete that contradicts that), then it does raise questions as to why LPL would even offer EWC or WC at all?  Well, the LPL website says they also offer "Cash and Banking Options" which includes credit cards (and maybe checking/savings accounts?).  EWC and WC would be suitable connection methods for these types of accounts.

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    Quicken Francisco said:   In order to add Brokerage accounts into Quicken the FI will need to have a Direct connect option available. Brokerage accounts are not able to be updated through express web connect which is the only option that is currently offered by LPL financial.
    LPL offers - Web  Connect - as per my posting above ....
    not sure what is actually offered for downloading on the LPL website -

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    I searched for "Quicken" at LPL and found something called "Account View". Maybe this is an add-on of some kind which talks to Quicken. Any of you LPL clients know what this is and how it works?

    Account View is a web-based platform that lets LPL advisors give their clients access to a timely, accurate snapshot of their portfolio. Your clients can view portfolio values, account balances, deposits and withdrawals, and investment returns. You can also review performance data over customized date ranges.

    Your clients enjoy:

    • Secure, 24-hour online access via computer, tablet, or smartphone
    • An easy-to-use interface
    • Simple enrollment in under five minutes
    • Ability to download data to Quicken or TurboTax and integrate information directly into WealthVision.
    • Optional paperless electronic statements, trade confirmation, quarterly performance reports and prospectuses

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    By the entry that @Ps56k2 pointed out I would expect that at least Web Connect (downloading and importing a QFX file) would work.

    @ejl14 It a QFX file available to download from their site?
    If so what happens when you try to import it into Quicken?

    As for the second entry that has Investment/Express Web Connect, I think that is some kind of "typo".
    There is no possible way this will work for investment accounts.

    The likelihood that Intuit somehow extended the Express Web Connect protocol to include investment accounts when they don't even support investment accounts for their QuickBooks product is EXTREMLY unlikely.

    But on top that look at the current Express Web Connect flow.
    Quicken -> QCS (cloud data set) -> Intuit server -> financial institution's website.

    QCS/cloud data set doesn't support investment transactions, only the security balances.
    And the work needed to make Quicken support investment transaction through Express Web Connect would be a MAJOR undertaking.

    Anyways I will point out for limited security "action" types you might look at ImportQIF for this using a CSV file as an input.  It certain isn't easy to do, but once setup you can convert the CSV file to a QIF file and import that.  ImportQIF can be found at my website.  Note this is "last ditch effort" for unsupported financial institutions.
    This is my website:
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    I've been able to download LPL transactions for quite a few years. To do this will require you to talk to your broker/dealer and obtain credentials to LPL's "Account View" web site. Within there you are able to manually download a QFX file and import into Quicken. This has been working quite well for me with only minor hick-ups from time to time.

    One issue that I do have, however, is that the last download date is not retained. I have to remember my last download date and set that as the "from date". If I don't, only the last days transactions are downloaded.

    Good luck!
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