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I have Quicken Business Rental Property. I created a new Mortgage Loan account and under Display options the "Hide in transaction entry lists" completely greyed out! I make payments to this loan from my checking account and now I can't do it. Does anyone know how to take this feature off? My other loans don't reflect this problem but they were created years ago.....

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    I suspect you created an online loan account.  I suggest you use an offline loan account instead: FAQ: How do I convert a loan account that automatically downloads transactions, to a manual entry/sc
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    Hi @Qkn7878,

    I suggest that you:

    1) Go to "Tools" > "Manage Hidden Accounts...";
    2) Find the account name of this loan in the first column;
    3) Uncheck the "Hide in Transaction Entry Lists";
    4) Consider whether you need to uncheck ay other columns.
    5) Click "Done"

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • Qkn7878
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    Thank you Sherlock! It really helped me.