Quicken/Chase "Biller requires attention" Emails

I keep on receiving emails from Quicken that my Chase biller "Biller requires Attention " emails. When I try to refresh the bill on the Bills & Income Tab, QW requires a new setup in the Bills and Income tab. It will ask for the user Name, Password and for me to select a phone number for a code verification. Once validated, the Chase bill will download the Payment due date and the Amount due. This works great until the next time I refresh the Bills and Income for all billers. Every other billers works great except for Chare which will tell me again that the Chase account requires attention.

How do I fix this?

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  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Please review the comment made by @Chris_QPW in https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20099199#Comment_20099199 and follow his these instructions. Let's see if that helps.
    Go to the Chase website and change the following setting:

    There should be a setting to enable using "Desktop software" like Quicken.
    If it has already been turned on it will look like this.

    [Updated, UKR. The link above is no longer available to general users. I included the relevant portion of the discussion inline. Sorry.]
  • John Nastasi
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    Thank you for the help but unfortunately that did not work. Chase has taken the AccountSafe feature off their web site. I called chase and they were able to wee that I DID have quicken set up on my account. They suggested it was a Quicken problem. So far, Quicken has not solved the problem.
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    It seems Chase likes to move such things around (spot is actually better).  New path:

    Scroll down:

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  • John Nastasi
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    Thanks Chris, I was set up for desktop access in Chase. You are correct, they moved where the setting is located on their web site. My Chase account was set up for desktop access, It looks like Quicken is not saving the account credentials and causing me to re-authenticate every time I check the account on the Bills & Income Tab. As I mentioned before, I have reached out to Quicken Tech support but they were clueless on how to fix the problem. I guess I'll try Quicken again and see if another agent can help.
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    @John Nastasi
    There's something going on with me as well with Chase. Every time I do an "Update All" in the Bills & Income tab, I get a refresh and the Chase account pops up to the top and asks for me to re-establish the link:

    The refresh works and even downloads the next bill due in a couple of weeks. I have had this occur for five straight days in a row and have not solved it yet. 
    I downloaded and installed the R 33.19 update, but that did not make a difference. Validated, Super Validated, used backup files, Validated Online billers, etc... but have not found the trick as of yet. 
    Please post and update if your get lucky with the help gang.  :)

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  • Monte Bliss
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    This is still going on for me as of 07/27/2021. Hey Quicken, please fix this.
  • Monte Bliss
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    08/09/2021 - Happened again. Quicken Deluxe 34.24 states it's locked out. Calling baloney on that erroneous message. No problems at website level or with Express Web Connect. Had to re-authenticate and all is well for another couple of days until it breaks again. Reported again through "report a problem". Going to keep posting here and see if anyone from Quicken will post a sticky on this topic as it's clearly a problem in multiple discussion threads.