Since Quicken update, downloads are 1 day old but, balance is current?!?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue where the downloaded transactions stop before today, but the balance includes the transactions for today so the only way to reconcile is to manually enter today's transactions (which have cleared the bank btw). I'm running version R32.12 on the latest windows 10 (20H2).


  • Ray Cosner
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    Need to be clear on which balance number you're talking about.  As listed at the bottom of the register, is it the "online balance", the "current balance", or the "ending balance"?

    "Online balance" is reported to Q by your bank each time you update.  It includes only transactions up to the current date that have already cleared through your bank (i.e., it is what the bank sees as your account balance at your most recent update).  This typically will lag by a few days since the bank is not yet aware of any checks you mailed very recently.

    "Current balance" is every transaction in your Q register up to the current date, whether or not it has cleared your bank.  If you have entered future transactions into your register, this is the balance in the register at the blue line that separates current and past transactions from future transactions.

    "Ending balance" is everything in your register including future transactions if you have entered any of them.
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    @DJPoz - Are the account(s) you are seeing this with set up for Direct Connect (DC) or Express Web Connect (EWC)?  You can quickly find out by pulling up the Account List and looking in the Transaction Download column.
    What you are describing would be unusual if the account is set up for DC because those are usually real-time snapshots of the transactions/balance of the account.  (But it is becoming less real-time with some FIs.)
    It is not uncommon with EWC accounts because EWC is generally a 1X per day snapshot of the account transactions/balance that is taken at night.  FIs usually update their servers with the previous day's transactions at night.  Depending on when at night that Quicken connects with the FI to take that snapshot, the data obtained might be the previous day's data, the current day's data or some combination of both.  It's a timing issue.  Typically, running OSU again 12-24 hrs later will get everything to balance out correctly so Reconciling to Online Balance can be successfully completed.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

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