Report-Graph of my credit cards over the years

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Hey all,
I can't seem to find a report in Quicken Home and Business where I can have a graph that shows the payments made to credit card over the last two years.


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    You are looking for payments to the credit card companies, not the card balances or charges to the cards, right?

    When you pay a credit card bill, do you record it as a transfer from another Quicken account (typically your checking account) or some other way?

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  • SeanLake
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    Hi there.
    Yup, when I make a payment to, let's say, Wow Visa I use my Bank account to pay it.  Transfer using the credit card category.
  • Jim_Harman
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    OK, then you want a Reports > Spending > Spending by Category report.
    Select the time frame and interval you want
    Click on the gear to customize
    On the Accounts tab, pick just the account(s) you pay from
    On the Categories tab, scroll to the bottom and pick the credit card accounts to include in the report
    On the Advanced tab, under Transfers, pick Exclude Internal

    Unfortunately the graph just shows the total spending, not the individual transfer accounts.
    The report shows the details, if you need to plot them, you can export to Excel and plot them there.
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  • Tom Young
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    I got the raw information you are looking for by creating a Spending by Payee report, selecting only my main checking Account under the "Accounts" tab, selecting the appropriate Payee names under the "Payees" tab, and selecting an interval in the report itself of "Month."  Then I exported that information to Excel.
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