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I can't say how many times I have tried to convert my Windows Quicken to the Mac. I think the functionality I need is finally there for everything except investing. Can't convert - no meaningful investment reports to show week over week comparisons. No good reports at all for investing. Nothing. Am I wrong?


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    What QWin product are you running, and what QMac product and BUILD are you running.  The QMac BUILD can be found by doing QUICKEN, About Quicken.  The specific product will be there also.
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    You can definitely get some investment reporting from the Portfolio view in Quicken Mac. Set the appropriate filters and/or search, and you can print and report (or export the data).

    But you can't save specific reports; you have to tweak the settings in Portfolio each time.

    I don't know what the investment reports are in Quicken Windows, so I can't compare specifically what you can and cannot accomplish. The example you listed, week-over-week performance, does not exist. (You could export each week to Excel and assemble/massage the data in a spreadsheet, but that's not likely what you're looking for.)

    I'm a pretty straightforward, simple investor, so being able to track my investment holdings and see basic performance metrics generally meets my needs. But it doesn't offer more robust tools some investors would want. As the developers have spent several years building up the capabilities of Quicken Mac's new reports engine, I'm hoping that full-featured investment reports will be coming to Quicken Mac before too long. 

    If you haven't already done so, I'd encourage you to add your vote to a couple of the requests for this functionality: here and here and here. It surprises me that these haven't attracted a large number of votes, which is partly to blame for this not being higher on the developers' priority list. More votes can help make this a higher priority!
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    Windows Release R32.12. Mac 6.1.1. I may not have been clear. The files convert but the lack of investment reports stops me from going to the Mac. I maintain a Windows computer just for Quicken. I've used Quicken for Windows since practically the beginning - 25 or 30 years?
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    While I have purchased and support Quicken 2021 for Mac, I have still not converted from Quicken 2007. The reason is the lack of any significant Investment Reports. I think that Quicken 2021 should be able to do the same suite of reports (or largely the same suite of reports) that Quicken 2007 has. Things like IRR and Capital Gains - with custom dates. Adding features to the broader investments category allowing more user control (and less reliance on Internet-based services) would be welcome.

    Quicken is an awesome product and I hope that it continues to evolve - I have supported it since 1992, so I have a lot of data in there. I would definitely like to see near feature parity when it comes to investment reports between Q2007 and Q2021.
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    My sentiments exactly. I’m waiting to hear from Quicken what they will do about this
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    @martianewell. You’re not going to “hear from Quicken what they will do.” They almost never discuss what they are working on or plan to work on.

    About all we as users can do is vote for the Idea topics that embody the features we want to see. If you haven’t clicked on the links I posted above and added your vote for each of them, please do so; it surprises me that these requests for Investment reports haven’t garnered more votes to move them up the priority list.

    I feel relatively confident that more robust investment reports will be added to Quicken Mac as the program continues to evolve, but I have no idea how soon or long it will be.
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