Quicken's Investment management falling short of potential possiblities

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Quicken has the potential to be a much more robust investment management tool with perhaps a few basic improvements. While it is possible to enter and/or download basic information regarding investment securities, in many cases it is not possible to view and/or report on various parameters; or key information is missing. It would seem that a few simple fixes could dramatically improve the investment management function.

Some examples:
Bonds - both the bond CALL DATE and bond S&P RATING can be recorded within Quicken, but it is impossible to view bond portfolio by CALL DATE or S&P RATING. (While there is a bond by maturity report, that is useless without also including the CALL DATE).

Bonds - need a YIELD TO MATURITY and YIELD TO CALL calculation/display. All of the necessary inputs can be downloaded and/or manually input, just need the calculation. (Note that the Yield on Investment is not at all the same as YIELD TO MATURITY).

All Securities - The Portfolio view within Invest tab allows grouping by ACCOUNT, INDUSTRY, SECURITY, SECURITY TYPE, INVESTING GOAL, or ASSET CLASS. However INDUSTRY cannot be edited to add missing and/or correct mis-classified INDUSTRY classifications. Should be editable.

Also should have additional Group by for S&P Rating (or perhaps add other rating agency designations).


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    Hello @gkading

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to leave your feedback. If you are looking to submit a feature request, I would review the information available here.

    The Community is mainly a user to user forum with a few moderators to help answer questions. I would recommend also submitting feedback from within the program under Help > Report a Problem.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Tyka