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The only reason I run Windows on my Mac is because Quicken doesn't make Home and Business for Mac. I recently updated my MacBook Pro only to find out that the new Mac M1 will not run on VMWare. Why doesn't Quicken offer their Home and Business product for Mac????


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    There is a longstanding Idea thread for this request; you can find it here and add your vote. That thread currently has 279 votes and is marked as "Under Consideration". More votes and comments can only help.

    Why doesn't Quicken offer their Home and Business product for Mac? Only the management at Quicken can answer this, but I can offer some insight. 

    A Home & Business version for Mac would doubtless be a major development effort. It may happen some day; it may even be being worked on as we speak. But Home & Business is built on top of the feature set of Quicken Deluxe and Premier, and until they build up the Mac program to have at least somewhat comparable features to Quicken Windows Deluxe and Premier, it would be impossible to build Home & Business on top of the code. Just like in building, you need to have a solid foundation before you add more layers on top. It's anyone's guess how close they are to having that necessary foundation; it's also anyone's guess whether they feel taking thousands of programmer hours to develop Home & Business for the Mac will generate a return on that investment. If most of the users of a Mac Home and Business version would be existing Quicken Windows users, Quicken would be satisfying those users, but not generating any extra revenue to pay for all the development effort. 
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