Quicken's lack of response to Transaction download problems

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No Quicken response to this massive issue since 5/17/21!! Or fix!!! Unacceptable!!!!


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    What "massive issue" are you referring to? Transaction connectivity is massively complex, so a problem you're experiencing may or may not be affecting other users. I'm not aware of any widespread connectivity outage, so more information about what issue you're talking about would be helpful.
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    NEW 5/17/21 CC-501 Errors Returned for Multiple Financial Institutions
    Quicken Sarah
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    May 17
    We are investigating reports of some Users receiving a CC-501 or 'ccscrape.176' error when attempting to add or update accounts from multiple credit union financial institutions.

    We have opened an escalation with our service providers and are working with them to resolve these errors are quickly as possible.

    If you would like to be automatically notified as more updates and/or a resolution becomes available, please 'bookmark' this alert by clicking the bookmark icon in the upper right.

    Thank you!
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    @"@SQuicken210521"  It was a Quicken employee who posted the announcement that you quoted.
    SO, how is that a "lack of response".
    And, as @jacobs pointed out, connectivity is complicated.  Expecting it to be fixed with a snap of one's fingers (or your outburst) isn't reasonable.

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