Why did my accounts suddenly revert back to 2017

I ran an update on my main accounts a few days after the last Quicken update. My accounts are way of


  • NotACPA
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    Pick a register, any register that shows this.  What are the Filter settings at the top of the register?
    Also, what column header has a triangle beside it ... and what direction is the triangle pointing.
    Lastly, is it possible that you opened an old Q data file rather than the most recent?  Click on the FILE menu command to see recently used files.

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  • BHoosoon
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    All date, triangle point down; Any type, triangle point down; All transactions, triangle point down. Did not open an old Qdata file. I have been using Quicken since 1986. For some reason Quicken converted reconciled transactions from 2017 to present to not reconciled!
  • UKR
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