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Hmnnn... Quicken replaced FRESX with FIUIX and has even downloaded some distributions from Fidelity. Quicken is showing the correct quantity, price, and total value. I can't say for sure when this happened. I confess that I let Quicken collect all the info it could and I'm just getting around to fixing some placeholders that are more than a year old. So what should I make of this? Should I just edit the name and symbol? If I do, will Quicken find it on the next update? Should I delete it and let Quicken try again? Is there something else I'm not considering?

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    FRESX is a real estate fund, and FIUIX is a utilities & telecom fund.  When I logged into my account at Fido, I couldn't find any recent activity there that would explain your situation.
    SO, please to TOOLS, Security List and tell us what shows there as the name and symbol of each of these funds (or whichever one IS found there).
    There's a few more steps, after you report back with these findings.

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    As I said, Quicken was listing FIUIX (which I don't own) but the numbers were those that belong to FRESX (which I do own but was not listed). I'm not sure how to explain this better.

    In any case, I kept searching and ended up de-selecting "matched with online security" but that didn't help on the next update. So I bit the bullet and replaced the name and symbol, and all appears to be well. I just updated again.

    What would have made me a bit more comfortable is to have been able to find the very-well-hidden cusip number. Help file is no help; tells me what it is but not where to find it. (I admit I haven't used the investing features of Quicken for very long, but I always found what I needed from the Investing tab at the top and the Security Detail View, which seems to contain just about everything BUT the cusip.) I finally did find the cusip this a.m. and it is correct of course. It probably always was since the shares & quantity were correct.) Strange glitch.
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    From the Security Detail view, click on Edit Details then Other Info. If the security is matched to an online security, the CUSIP number will be listed at the bottom of the Additional Security Information window that is displayed.

    The CUSIP number, and not the security name or ticker symbol, is used for downloading transactions and other info from your brokerage.

    The ticker is used for downloading quotes from Quicken's quote provider.
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    Sorry I didn't get back here sooner, but I do want to thank Jim_Harman regarding where to find the cusip number. I'd still call it pretty well hidden, but I appreciate knowing that it is where you indicated as well as in the Security List.