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Something happened over a month ago that flattened split details in a checking account. I have a backup with those splits but would like to create a report that contains only those splits. Anyone know how to create a report with just split transactions?


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    I'm assuming that the "something" you're referring to might very well be a Quicken update.  If that's the case knowing what release you're on would be helpful.
    Offhand I can't think of how you'd create a report that ONLY shows splits, but with the Reports > Banking > Transaction report you can sort on the "Num" column, forcing all the splits together.
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    I am using R33.19. This happened around 4/13 or later. It is not clear to me what release was active at that time. The odd thing is the splits dated 4/14/2017 and later were flattened. Older splits were left untouched as far as i can tell.
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    Here is some information on how to create such a report.

    Yes, it is possible to create a Quicken report that contains only the split transactions from a specific Quicken non-investment account. There are actually a couple of ways to create such a report, but which approach would be best likely depends on the purpose of the report.

    For a report that just lists the split transactions, without displaying their actual split lines:
    - sort the account register by Category (click on "Category" in the register heading row)
    - select all the transactions with "--Split--" in their Category column (as you would select multiple files in Windows Explorer)
    - right-click a selected transaction, then left-click "Edit transaction(s)".
    - in the resulting "Find and Replace" dialog, click the small printer icon in the lower left
    - make any desired changes to the Print dialog, then click the "Print" button

    For a report that permits showing the split lines in split transactions:
    - create a New (test) account register of the same account-type as the register with the split transactions that are to be listed
    - in the register with the split transactions to be listed:
    -- sort the register on Category (click on Category in the heading row)
    -- select all the transactions with "--Split--" in the Category column (as you would select multiple files in Windows Explorer)
    -- right-click a selected transaction, then left click "Copy transaction(s)"
    -- open the empty New (test) register created above
    -- right-click in the register, then left-click "Paste transaction(s)"
    - go to Reports > Banking > Transaction (or any report that displays individual transactions)
    - Customize the report to use only the New (test) account (and any other applicable customizations, such as "Show splits")

    When the New (test) account is no longer needed, it can be deleted (or the account can be retained and all its transactions deleted). If retained, the New (test) account can also be hidden (see the Display Options tab in the Edit Account Details dialog for the account).

    [I think there would be a benefit to Quicken allowing an additional report Customization for at least the Banking > Transaction report, and possibly other reports that list individual transactions, namely: list only transactions with splits, or only transactions with no splits, or both.]

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