What are the cheapest Quicken-compatible checks available?

The third-party ones I got leave the memo off the bottom of the check ... but the Quicken/QB ones are 50 for $56 for secure ones (which I don't need) or $102 for 250 checks (which will last a lifetime). Anyone find another source for plain, inexpensive checks?


  • UKR
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    What Quicken/Quickbooks - compatible Check Style do you have?
    By "leave the memo off the bottom of the check" do you mean that the Memo line prints just a little too close to the top of the MICR code line? Or does the entire check print as if it's being magnified > 100%?
    More details, please.
    If possible, capture an image of an entire page of printed checks on your check stock, black out (not white out) all your personal information and attach or drag and drop the image here. We'd like to see where all the text prints in relation to the check image itself.
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    This is a known issue with Quicken Mac, and there is a feature request you can vote for concerning this issue. 
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