IP Address Ranges for Quicken connecting to pull in Transactions

I am working for a Financial Institution that allows users of Quicken for Windows, Mac, Web, etc to pull in their transactions. The problem is that since we have been restricting spammy ip address from the internet from making requests we have been accidentally blocking Quicken ip addresses. I have added ranges of ip addresses that are owned by Intuit and Quicken Loans to an allow list to let them through but still people have issues. Does anyone know or have the ability to get a list of all the ip addresses we need to whitelist that Quicken uses to make the request on the behalf of the user to pull in Transactions.


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    To further clarify, I have called Quicken support twice and they have told me that they do not have the ability or are allowed to give me this information and suggested I call Intuit Support. Intuit Support though I am not able to exit the robot response menus and it suggests that I go into my product and do support from there, leading me back around in a circle.
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    Your bank, since it allows downloads into Q, has a contract with Q/Intuit ...and thus has an official contact at Q/Intuit.
    Go thru that channel.  No one on  this user-to-user forum knows the answer to your questions.
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    I would also state that it depends of if you are talking about Express Web Connect or Direct Connect.
    Direct Connect:
    Quicken -> Financial Institution's OFX server (as such the IP address would the one provided to the user by their Internet provider, or if using VPN, the one provided by that service)
    Express Web Connect -> QCS -> Intuit Server -> Financial Institution's website

    Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service and it is the Intuit servers that are contacting the website and as such it is their IP addresses that should matter.  At least that is the current information they let the Quicken users know of how the system works.
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