I have Quicken for Mac, vs 2015? I don't want to use a cloud account, can I update to the newest

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version and still use sQuicken manually? If so, why do I need to pay each year?


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    Hello @faerdy

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue. You do not need to use the cloud in order to use the newest version of Quicken, You can also continue to use Quicken manually as well if you do not want to use online downloads.

    If you have any other questions please let us know.  


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    Do I still have to pay a yearly fee?
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    With the deluxe and above versions if you decide not to continue paying for the yearly subscription you will still be able to use the program manually. Starter only has read only mode if you were to cancel the subscription. Additionally there will be spaces at the top and right side asking you to renew the program but you do not net to again to use the program manually.

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    You do NOT have to upload anything to the "cloud account".  But having one is mandatory as Q itself stores some PRODUCT (not personal) info there.  Just don't set up anything for Q Mobile or Q on the Web, as that's where Q stores your info for those additional, and optional, products.
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    The subscription fee pays for a variety of things, not the least of which is paying for a team of programmers to work on continually adding to and improving the program. Certainly comparing between Quicken  2015 and today's Quicken Mac, many things are the same, but there have been tons of improvements.

    It also pays for connectivity services with financial institutions, and free tech support. Those may not matter to you, but there's no way to unbundle some service from others.

    As Francisco wrote, you could purchase a one year subscription to get the current version (and any updates over the next year). If you decide at that time not to continue your subscription, everything stays the same except the right side of your Quicken window (about 20%) gets occupied with messages from Quicken encouraging you to renew. If you can ignore losing that space, then you can carry on manually.
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