unable to add Tinker Federal Credit Union

I am unable to add Tinker Federal Credit Union to my quicken account. Without this account I am not able to use Quicken at all. I went to the bank and they told me that the problem was on Quicken's end. What do I do?


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    An Alert is posted that affects multiple CUs.  Perhaps that is what is causing the issue you are seeing.  Here is the link to this Alert:  https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7893969/ongoing-5-26-21-cc-501-errors-returned-for-multiple-financial-institutions#latest.
    I noticed that Tinker has two different online services available:
    • Express Web Connect:  The Alert applies to this one.
    • Web Connect:  I am not sure if the Alert applies to this one.  To download with this method you need to log into your online account and download the transactions data in QFX or "Quicken" format from there. 
    I suggest you try to download with Web Connect.  It is not the ideal process but at least while Quicken works to resolve the issue of the Alert it might provide you with a download opportunity.  Once the issue of the Alert is resolved you can then upgrade your connection method to Express Web Connect.  Please post back here to let us know if Web Connect works.
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    Well, Tinker Federal is listed as a participating financial institution. What happens when you try to add your account? Are you getting an error message? Please share the details. 

    You can also reach out to Quicken Support; phone support is open weekdays 8 am-8pm Eastern time; chat support is available 7 days a week during those hours. 
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