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Good morning - I went into my Quicken this morning and when I clicked on the Quicken Icon, it acted as though it was a first time use, asking me to open a data file. When I went to open the data file that is most current, I found that all my backups that I had done for the year 2021 are gone! And now, I am really messed up with my Quicken program. Anyone have any thoughts?
I last used it last night before going to bed.
Thank you in advance.


  • Tom Young
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    My first thought is that the files really are all there on your hard drive and some stutter on the part of the program when you opened it up brought you to the page asking if you had a data file you wanted to open.  (If I'm remembering correctly, that's happened to me too a time or two over the years.)
    Shut down Quicken, reboot the computer, use File Explorer to go looking for those data files.  When you find the one you want double click on it and Quicken should open properly, hopefully.
  • splasher
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    There is also the "Find Quicken Files" on the File menu that will search your computer for all of the .QDF files.

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  • davidfromwfb
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    Hey everyone - it is Dave again. I am posting here to possibly help someone else. Thanks to everyone who did respond with potential answers.
    What I found was that my Quicken Data files ended up in the One-drive Recycle bin. Not sure how, but I found them there.
    I placed the files back onto the laptop and brought the files into Quicken and now have all my data back.
    Thanks again to everyone who responded.
  • Tom Young
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    "What I found was that my Quicken Data files ended up in the One-drive Recycle bin. "
    A warning, Quicken generally does not play well with the data file in the cloud and bad things can happen, depending on circumstances.  Better to keep your "live" file on your computer. 
  • wawa
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    I am recovering from heart attack :_ brought on by my disappearing quicken files! My "recently opened" menu was cleared with my last Quicken update (May 2022), and I searched everywhere on my mac. The mac finder was unable to locate anything other than the Quicken files that I store in my personal documents folder. I knew my other two files were stored in a different location, but wasn't sure where. The advice above did not work for me, but I did something similar -- from the Quicken File menu, I selected "Show Backups in Finder". From there, I found the location of the 2 missing files.
    For me, it was users/library/applicationsupport/quicken/documents
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