Why does mortgage account not show transactions

I have a mortgage with Pentagon Federal Credit Union and the account to Quicken (using Express Web Connect) and the balance in the account changes correctly based upon the the payments received.  None of the transactions show up in the Quicken account only the balance.

How do I get the transactions to show in the register>


  • Tom Young
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    "How do I get the transactions to show in the register> "
    You convert the loan from a "downloading" loan to a "manual" loan where information about monthly payments come from entries in your checking Account.
    When you connect a loan to the financial institution servicing the loan you have no access to the loan's register.  You are at the mercy of information (sometimes wrong) sent to the Account from the servicer, 
  • neil154
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    Thanks for the response.  I have been using the Manual method since the beginning of the mortgage but I just found out about the download of the mortgage as a possibility.  Sounds like it is a pretty useless type of account. I will be just deleting that account.
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