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I'm wondering if it's possible to add names to a split. Here's what I'm doing. I'm making a cash withdrawal from the bank. I use splits to enter how the cash is spent. I can add categories to the split items, but is there any way to add a name? Something like this

Acme Maintenance Home:Repair $500
Best Buy Business:Hardware $1000
Commerce Co. Business:Software $60

There's probably another way to do this. So far I've only been adding categories without the name.

Thanks very much for any guidance.


  • Tom Young
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    There's no way to do this within the Split Transaction window.  The only way I can think of getting "payee" information into the Split Transaction window at all is to use Tags with Payee names, but that probably would get cumbersome.
    A conventional way of doing this is enter the ATM withdrawal as a transfer to a manual "Cash" Account, then making the split of the amount over in that Account as (in your case here) three separate transactions.
  • RickO
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    Here's the better way to do this. Create a cash account. Call it something like Cash On Hand (or any other name you find pleasing). When you withdraw from the bank, show that as a Transfer transaction from your checking account to the new Cash account. Then when you purchase something with that cash, show the purchase as a regular transaction in the Cash account, including Payee, Category and any other fields just like any regular transaction.
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    Thank you both. That's great. What excellent ideas.
  • jacobs
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    I'll throw in another vote for using a Cash account to track your cash expenses. I actually have a cash account for myself and one for my wife, so we can each reconcile our cash in Quicken to what's in our wallets periodically. 

    That said, if this is just an occasional thing and you decide not to use a cash account, you can use the Notes field on a split (at the far right) to record the name of where you spent the money. 
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  • tvpro@
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    Thanks jacobs. Something to think about. I'll try the Cash account and see how it goes.
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