does quicken have a backup of my data file

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does quicken have a backup of my data file


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    No, your Quicken data file is stored on your hard drive. If you were syncing with the Quicken Cloud, it was only part of your data and can't be used to restore.
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    @meofam - Quicken does backup your data file onto your HDD if you have your Backup Preferences set to automatically do that or if you manually have requested Quicken to backup your file.  Also, when you update Quicken to new versions Quicken will often backup your data file on your HDD before actually doing the update.
    Quicken has a search function that will search your entire HDD to find all Quicken files you might have.  If you have a backup on your HDD it will show up in this search.  To do this search:
    • Go to File > Find Quicken Files > make sure the drop down is set to search your C: drive > make sure that Find: is ticked for "Any Quicken file".  Quicken will automatically do the search. 
    • When the search is complete, hover the cursor over the file names.  What you are looking for is one or more file names that have the extension of .QDF-backup
    • If there is more than one backup file, look in the Last Modified column to see which one is the most recent one.
    • You can then open that file by clicking on it and then click on Open File.
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    While Q will automatically backup your data, as described above, Quicken Inc (i.e., the company) has NO copy of your data.
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    meofam said:
    does quicken have a backup of my data file
    Why - what did you do ?
    If you can't find your Quicken QDF file or any of the auto backups -
    you could search ..... Quicken menu --> File --> Find Quicken Files...

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