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How can I create a report showing categories that don't have any transactions? I want to clear out the categories that came with the system that I am not using. Thank you.


  • Jim_Harman
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    If you go to Tools > Category List there is a column that shows how many times each category has been used.

    Note that if you want to use Quicken's automatic categorization, you should rename the built in categories with your prefers names rather than deleting them.
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    The easiest I can think of is to look at the Tools Menu / Category List itself.
    It has a column, "Usage", which show the number of transactions using this category. If the column does not show, add it to the Category List by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the list.
    Do be aware that there are a number of built-in categories which you won't be able to delete, because Quicken needs those categories to function properly.
    Categories referring to accounts, named [account name here] in square brackets cannot be deleted from the category list. You would need to delete the account register itself, together with all its transactions, from the Account List.
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    Maybe this will help you to visualize what @Jim_Harman and  @UKR mentioned:

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