When using home and business. When the subscription

Dividend transactions do not show up in the home and business register when downloading. Any way to fix this?


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    Do other transactions download correctly for this account?

    Do the dividend transactions appear in the Downloaded Transactions area at the bottom of the transaction list (register)?

    Is this perhaps a dividend that has been declared but not paid yet? ETF dividends take a few days to be paid and dividends from individual stocks may not be paid for 3 weeks or more. 

    If you can share the name of the brokerage and the securities involved, we may be able to investigate further.
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  • NotACPA
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    Dividend transactions should show up in an Investment type account (or in a "Linked Cash account" that's tied to an investment account within Q).
    So, please clarify what you mean by "the home and business register".
    Have you enabled your investment account(s) for download? When you do TOOLS, Account List ... what does it say in the "Transaction Download" column adjacent to your investment accounts?

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