Direct Connect Duplicates Account

I am a new user. I installed quicken, started it up, and followed the prompts to add some accounts. A couple days later, I saw in the 'Accounts List' something that said "improve connection" which, it turns out, enables direct connect. In doing so, I have now duplicated all the accounts for the associated financial institution.

After all the work I put into recategorizing and adjusting the entries, I'm faced with having to perform these tasks all over again.

Did I do something wrong? Why did the accounts duplicate themselves instead of simply changing over to a direct connect method? Is there any way to add direct connect to an existing account in Quicken without it duplicating that account?

Very frustrated.


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    @MattG - When changing the connection method Quicken will usually prompt you to make a decision about what to do with the data that is downloaded:  Add a new account, link to an existing account or ignore it.  My guess is that instead of reviewing the options and selecting the Link to an existing account you probably blew through it and hit Enter which will sometimes then add the downloads as new accounts instead of linking them to the already existing accounts.
    Don't worry, you would not be alone in doing that if that is what you did and there was no harm done and it can be easily remedied.  Since you have already done all the categorizing and necessary transactions in the accounts you originally set up I suggest you do one of the following:
    1)  Do you have a backup file from just before you did the connection upgrade? 
    • If so, restore that file.
    • Go to Tools > Account List > click on the blue "Improve connection" link in Transaction Download column for the accounts that can be upgraded to DC > follow the prompts to complete the upgraded connection, making sure it is properly Linked to the correct account in Quicken.
    • Repeat for each account in Account List that you want to update the connection for.
    • This process might enter some transactions into the registers that are duplicates of what is already entered there.  If this happens, delete the duplicates.  It will be a 1X occurrence and should not happen, again, in the future.
    2)  If you do not have that backup file or if you wish to keep the latest main file for whatever reason:
    • Back up your data file in case something goes wrong or you do not like the end results.
    • In the accounts you already have set up for DC:  Make sure all transactions in the registers have a "C" or uncleared clearance status...none should have a "R" status.
    • In the old connection method accounts:  Left click on the 1st transaction (the Opening Balance transaction).  Scroll down to the last transaction and while holding down the Shift key left click on that....all transactions in the register should now be shaded.  Right click anywhere on the shaded transactions, hover the cursor over Reconcile Status and then click on Reconciled....all transactions should now be "R" reconciled. 
    • Shade all of the transactions in the register, again, and right click anywhere on the shaded transactions, then click on Move Transaction(s) and select the DC account you want these transactions moved to and click on OK.  All transactions will be moved from the old Quicken account to the new Quicken account. 
    • Review the register to delete any duplicate transactions resulting from this accounts merging process....determine which uncleared or "C" status transaction is a duplicate of a "R" status transaction.  Any uncleared or "C" status transactions found that do not have a matching "R" status transaction are probably new and should be retained.
    • If you find an Opening Balance transaction that does not have a "R" status, delete it.
    • Repeat this process for each old account you want consolidated into the new account.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)