Why does the Year End Copy fail to trim transactions?

Don Kelley
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Why does the Year End Copy fail to trim transactions? See attach screen image.
I have tried this 3 times with different dates and it fails each time.

Please advise.

Thank you,
Don Kelley
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[EDIT] - added instream and a smaller screen image


  • UKR
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    Did you see the little footnote, as shown in your captured image and circled in red, telling you which types of transactions are not going to be removed during Year End Copy?
    Do note that reconciled Split transactions like paychecks with one or more transfer - splits will not be removed until all transfers in the transfer-to account registers are also marked reconciled.
    So, after that, which transactions in what accounts are still left behind? More details, please.

  • Don Kelley
    Don Kelley Member ✭✭
    Regarding the footnote... Yes, I read and understand the note. Also, I understand your question to ensure I understand.

    Now, you READ CLOSELY AND UNDERSTAND... No (zero) transactions were removed. I carefully performed the process 3 times and it FAILED EVERY TIME. Not a single reconciled transaction of any kind was removed from any account. Every banking, and credit card transaction remains. All have been reconciled. None were removed. THIS FUNCTION (YEAR END TRIM) OF THE SOFTWARE IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY!

    Respectfully, you need to do the diligence to investigate and test the program rather than assume it is my error. I can assure you with 100% confidence. It's NOT WOKING PROPERLY. I carefully tested it 3 times before bringing this "bug" to your attention.

    Please pass this along to your supervisor, manager, or qualified software engineer to review. Do not reply with another insulting waste of my time.

    Frankly, this is shameful customer support.

    Don Kelley
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