Cash as an asset class

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Currently when I click on the Allocations tab in the Investing module, I see that any cash and cash equivalents holdings (mutual funds, money market mutual funds, or anything labeled as cash in the specific security's profile) doesn't show up as cash. Why doesn't Quicken ACTUALLY allow the Cash asset class to actually get counted in the portfolio allocation breakout.


  • Tom Young
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    Quicken does show cash as an asset class in the Asset Allocation window - I see it in mine.
    Do you have any customization in that window that might be omitting the cash?
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    Edit: Deleted my previous comment as I just noticed that you already have the asset class setup as Cash.  Very sorry for not reading carefully.  Please disregard.

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  • RAli
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    I have already gone into the Edit Security Details screen and changed the security to be Type: Cash and Asset Class: Cash. Download asset class information is also NOT checked. Therefore, I would expect Quicken to treat this item as cash and show as such on the Allocations tab. Uggh!!!
  • Jim_Harman
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    There has been a recent change to the way the selection criteria for securities and accounts works.

    At the top of the Allocations page, select the Accounts and Securities dropdowns and make sure the account and security selections are what you intended, and especially that the security you have set to Cash is included.

    Please post back if that fixes it.

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