Will I be able to use my current version on new IMAC?

Linda T
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I'm currently using Quicken 2017 on a IMAC (2015). Will I be able to use Quicken 2017 on a new Mac with M1 chip using latest version of OS (Sur)?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Yes. Well, let's say it's not been officially tested on Big Sur, since Quicken 2017 became unsupported before Big Sur came out. But there have been no reports here of people who are still running Quicken 2017 having problems with the latest OS. There will likely be issues sometime in the future -- as Apple keeps advancing the operating system which require to Quicken making changes in the current version of Quicken Mac to keep pace -- but there's no way to know which macOS upgrade will break something in Quicken 2017.
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