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During your next update(s) I'd like the see an option that allows you to make entries in different colors and/or in bold lettering. There are certain entries I make that I would like to stand out when I match accuracy in my Quicken vs my manual check register which I do both. Any possiblity?


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    This forum in the main is oriented to users of Quicken helping other Quicken users so nobody really knows the answer to your question. 
    You can click the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner right above your post and change it to an "idea" and see if it gets any votes.  I believe it has happened that some ideas submitted by users have been implemented by Quicken developers.
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    Another thing you could do is go the the gear Icon in the top line just below the colored 1/4 inch stripe. Click on the gear Icon > Click on Register Columns > Checkmark the Flags election. Then take a look at your register and you'll see a new column with a flag. Go to any transaction and click on that flag column. In the box that comes up you can select a flag color and make a note also. Then click OK. The only other thing that you could do is to set up a Tag(s) to designate a color. You could set up a new tag names "Red, or "Blue" or Yellow, and use those to show specific line items. The you can sort by tag or run a report by TAG to help you lump the selected tags together. I think that may be you only option. Go to Help > type Tags and read about them, then do the same for Flags
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    Sound like this idea that has already been suggested (if that is the case you should vote for it):
    This is my website:
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