Bank of America and 2 factor authentication

I have been using Quicken with BOA for years. A couple of months ago, it started doing something weird. Specifically, when I log onto BOA's website with Chrome, it gives me a popup informing me that I "MUST" log in with Quicken within 10 minutes. Generally, I do, but sometimes I don't have time for that, and it doesn't seem to make any difference. Recently, I became in charge of finances for my elderly mother, so I added her accounts to Quicken using her user name and password. Quicken asks for 2FI every time for her accounts, but never for mine. This implies there is a setting I could change somewhere with BOA so that it remembers Quicken and won't keep prompting for 2FI. I can do that at the BOA website for Chrome, but it doesn't remember my computer, just that installation of Chrome.

So, my questions are: How can I stop the annoying prompt to log into Quicken within 1o minutes every time I log onto BOA for my accounts, and how can I stop being required to do 2FI every time I update Quicken with her accounts?


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