When will quicken Mac Finally get Custom Asset classes?

vahe guzelimian
vahe guzelimian Mac Beta Beta
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We've been waiting for this feature for years. It should be top priority since the sesible way to invest is by asset allocation. You can only accomplish this if you have the ability to assign custom asset classes such as REITs, US Small Value, Emerging Countries, etc. Very easy to program this feature.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    No one on this site can answer your question about when a (any) new feature will be released. There's a long, long list of enhancements users have asked for, and the developers slowly chip away at them. What's coming next, or when, only the developers know -- and they don't say in case things slip or priorities change.

    If you haven't done so previously, please visit this Idea post requesting this enhancement, and add your vote (click the triangle in the yellow box beneath the first post).
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