Old accounts in one step update


One step update window contains accounts I can't find in the accounts list (all accounts are unhidden).

Please advise.


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    More details, please.
    Do you use Quicken Mac or Quicken for Windows?
    What version, edition level (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) and release of Quicken are you using?  
    US, Canadian or other country version?
    What is your subscription expiration date?
    Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to get this information.
    What version of Windows or Mac OS are you using?

    In the Account List:

    • Are you sure you have selected to list All Accounts (left sidebar)
    • "Show hidden accounts" option has a checkmark
    • There's no text (or than gray "Search") in the Search box

    If that doesn't resolve it, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words …
    Can you please capture one or more images of the parts of your Quicken window showing the issue (OSU window, Account List), sensitive information blacked out as necessary to protect your privacy but annotated to describe the situation, and attach the image(s) here?


    Please save images to files of file type PNG, JPG, or GIF only. They're easier to work with than PDF files.

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    Here is my info.
    Quicken Premier for Windows, US Version. expiration Nov 20 2021.

    The first image shows three accounts in OSU I cannot rid of.

    All accounts starting with American Century closed, but still show up in OSU
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    Image added
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    Thank you for the image. However, it's not showing the complete account name. I can see a "(" at the end of the name, possibly followed by more characters.
    Is it possible that these accounts are "linked cash accounts", showing the cash and banking transactions of investment accounts? (e.g., "American Century Investments (Cash)")
    If so, activation, deactivation and closure of these types of accounts is performed from the investment account's Edit Account Details page, not the linked cash account's Edit Account Details page.
    If you have "marked closed" these accounts in Quicken several years ago, it's possible that the process did not work correctly. In that case, please perform all the steps in this document in the order specified, even if you have done some of them before:
    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

  • YS 1951
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    The blanked out area in the account name contains my personal info like SSN and user names. I have no idea how it got there because the accounts with American Century were closed MANY years ago.
    I will try the procedure in the link you provided, thank you.
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    I have the same issue as well - One Step Update is trying to update an old account that was closed out. Was this resolved?