When will Quicken fix the ability to change the Budget start Month without re-creating a new budget?

I am STILL WAITING, after years and years of using Quicken, for the developers to give us the ability to change a budget start date and have it STAY there. The current solution is still to re-create a new budget from scratch if, say, I want to change my budget to start in July instead of June. Who has time for that? It's INFURIATING and seem like such a simple fix. Quicken you should be ashamed!


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    Are you trying to use a Fiscal year that's NOT a calendar year? Or, are you trying to start a budget in the middle of your fiscal year.
    I don't quite understand exactly what you're requesting.
    AND, some sort of "body" message (in one of these boxes) IS required, and I believe that there's also a required minimum number of characters in the Body.  You can't post just a message title.
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    Just some general comments.
    1. You might have been requesting this for years, but this is the first I have heard of the request and I have been looking at the posts on Quicken forums since 2007.  So to me that makes the request very rare (and most likely to Quicken Inc).
    2. Selecting of which month a budget starts on is for businesses that do their finances on a Fiscal year instead of a calendar year.  But once that month has been "set" (by using it when starting the business) you can't just change it without the approval of the IRS.  And if someone went to that trouble to change it, it would be a one time event, hardly something that would be a real burden to change once in Quicken.  So it sounds like you are using this feature for some other purpose that it wasn't intended for, which makes it even more unlikely that Quicken Inc will make changes to it.
    3. For a number of years now that way to request a feature is to post an "Idea" on here.  Ideas have a voting button, which if people vote for your idea will give Quicken Inc an idea of how many people want this feature.
    To post an Idea:
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