Should Household goods fall under the Home category or Shopping category?

Regla Rojas
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Hello everyone!
I seem to be spending heavily on the household goods category which I have it under (Home). Should I put the category under the (Shopping) category? Was wondering how everyone is doing that works best for them.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Regla Rojas

    It really is completely up to your personal preferences on how you categorize spending (or anything else) in Quicken - in other words, for most things (but especially for non-tax and long-life assets like homes and cars, etc.) whatever works best for you is okay.

    Personally, I use a "Household Supplies" category for the smaller stuff that we purchase regularly, and "Household Furniture & Equipment" for the larger things that are bought less often.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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  • jacobs
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    I agree it's up to personal preference.

    One thing I'd note, however, is that if you rely on Quicken auto-categorizing your transactions for Payees for whom you don't have QuickFill rules to categorize, then using Quicken's default category will allow auto-categorization to work. Quicken's auto-categorization engine won't work with categories you create on your own. (But with QuickFill rules to apply categories to frequently-used Payees, using your own categories is perfectly okay.)
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