How to Reinstall Quicken 2016

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I have a CD of Quicken 2016 Deluxe. After fix my PC I am trying to reinstall it, a login screen of intuit appears, but I can’t log with the login/password I had used previously.


  • splasher
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    Download/save/execute the last patch for QW2016 found at this link: Quicken Patches

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  • Ruivão
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    TKS for your tip I have already installed
  • chlpatent
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    This works: copy the Config folder from the old computer where/when you originally installed Quicken from the path C: (or other Windows system install drive) Program Data folder, Intuit folder, Quicken folder to the new install computer after you have run the install program for Quicken 2016 but haven't tried to run Quicken 2016, overwriting the Config directory that the new install put in that path. Worked for me with a new Windows 11 laptop - I copied the Config directory from a working Win 10 install on my old laptop.
  • chlpatent
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    BTW, also install the mondo patch, but that was NOT enough to fix the problem on my new laptop. Somewhere on-line I read the trick of copying over the Config folder and it worked just fine. No need to do all these convoluted steps some of the other answers said to do, just simply copy over the Config folder. Presto!
  • Chris_QPW
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    @chlpatent just so you know, this is a new development.  Just installing the latest patch to get a change from the Intuit Id to the Quicken Id used to be enough for the person to log in and use the older versions of Quicken that use the Quicken Id, but Quicken Inc just recently broke this.

    This is really going to be a problem for people that don't have a copy of their Config folder.
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