Currency symbol for the offshore accounts

If I download transactions from my offshore bank accounts using Express Web Connect method then the left navigation pane shows me the amount with the $ currency symbol. I am expecting it should display the currency symbol of the offshore bank account. Is this an issue with the offshore bank or Quicken? Is there a way to identify from the log what is sent by the offshore bank account when the transactions are downloaded?


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    Q US can ONLY download in USD.
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    Isn't that a bug? Because it needs to display the currency symbol in which the account is maintained.
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    baccounts said:
    Isn't that a bug? Because it needs to display the currency symbol in which the account is maintained.
    Not a bug, a limitation of the software, and the support contracts.

    You can create an account in whatever currency you like as long as you have turned on multiple currency support:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Calendar and currency -> Multicurrency support

    But once you create that account in a different currency than USD you will not be able to import QFX files into it.  You can still import QIF files into it, but not QFX.

    EDIT the main reason you can import QIF files into a foreign currency account is because QIF files only have number in them there isn't anything that says what currency the numbers are.  Also you should be aware of the fact that importing QIF files have a lot limitation like not doing any processing before the transactions are put in the register.  No renaming rules, no selecting the category based on the payee/memo, no matching to existing transactions in the register.
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    Thanks @Chris_QPW for answering the question. You are right I can use QIF file to import the data and I am using it already. However, I noticed Express Web Connect method with my offshore bank then it was very exciting and thought it will avoid hassle of login to offshore bank, download the QIF file and import the data in Quicken. But, unfortunately, that is not working in a multi currency support. Hope Quicken team can address this problem and provide full multi currency support.