Can't Use Quicken! New Hard Drive, Have 2016 DISK to install

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I have a 2016 disk Deluxe version. I have all my data files. I had to change hard drive due to issues- I still have old hard drive. I can't remember where I got 2016, either at Costco or maybe online. I tried to sign in online and it shows my name but no purchases. Customer support said could not help. I reinstalled Q 2016 Deluxe. I could see my check book fine but right away it is replaced by a Sign In page that first wanted me to put my Activation Code which I can't find. Then it wanted me to try a new ID. Anyway, I'm confused, don't know what to do. I read some on this site but didn't understand about RMO or other things. I used Q for 20 years. I know about the subscription. I ONLY USE THE MANUAL CHECK BOOK, I never use online stuff.
Can You Please Help Me Use My Quicken 2016


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    After you have installed Quicken 2016, I suggest you download and apply the Quicken 2016 Release 19.5 Mondo patch available at:
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    First, SUPERUSER, thank you soooo much for your quick answer!!!! I've gotten further than ever following your advice!!!! But before the program will open my file is requiring me to create a Quicken ID. Will this
    be a trap to get me into a yearly subscription? Or will it lead me back to the program to use it?
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    Actually the next window is not asking me to CREATE ACCOUNT. Is that going to help me use 2016 or will it get me into a subscription?
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    It is not a trap to get you into subscription.  You went thru all of this back when Quicken was sold off from Intuit and 2016 was from before that split so it started with an Intuit Id and transitioned to a Quicken Id.
    Use the same Quicken Id that you used to use this forum to REGISTER (that is all that is happening), it has nothing to do with subscription.
    -splasher  using Q continuously since 1996 -  Subscription Quicken  -  Win11
    -Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list
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    OH GOODNESS IT WORKS!!!!! Oh I can't thank you enough SUPERUSER!!!!