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is it possible to generate a report showing ending balance vs online balance for each account.
This would useful for troubleshooting for any missing or erroneous transactions in each account.


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    I'm not aware of any report that could do that. 
    You can quickly flip through all your Spending Accounts and see that information, but the fact that an online balance and your ending balance don't agree doesn't necessarily indicate anything's wrong in your Account.  Normal timing differences in Spending Accounts can easily create those differences, typically requiring no adjustment on your part.
    The best way to smoke out missing or erroneous transactions is through the reconciliation process.  
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    The ENDING balance includes checks that you've written that have not yet reached your bank.  It also includes any future dated transactions in the account.
    The ONLINE balance only includes what the bank knows.  It's easy to see how the 2 figures could differ ... yet BOTH be correct.
    Even if it existed, this report wouldn't do what you want ... Reconciliation will.

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    Thanks for the replies. I am talking about accounts that have all the updates but still show differences in the amounts.This is prevalent in credit car accounts.Sometimes a transaction may have been missed on downloads. A report like that would highlight the differences without having to go account by account. It would be nice if quicken can add such a feature.
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    @selimhbr I would look at Tools | Account List and check the Options for which account balances you can display in the Account List window.  

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