How can I search transactions for an amount greater than eg >351

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How can I search transactions for an amount greater than eg >351


  • Chris_QPW
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    While in the account register, Ctrl+F, select Amount for the first field and Greater for the second, and put in the amount in the third.
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    Have you tried using the Edit menu / Find/Replace function?
    Find [Amount] [greater] [351] will find all deposit amounts greater than 351.00
    Find [Amount] [less] [-351] will find all withdrawals (negative amounts) exceeding -351.00
    Use [greater or equal] or [less or equal] to include the selected amount
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    You could pull up the Banking > Transaction report.  Customize it to include any or all of your accounts, time frame, categories, etc..  Then click on the "Amount" column header to sort the report by dollar amount.  You can then scroll through the report to see all transactions above and below the value you are looking for.
    Or you can export that report to Excel.  Excel allows for customized filtering, such as "greater than" a specific number.

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  • volvogirl
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    How about just going to All Transactions at the top of the account bar and sort by the amount column?  Or in an individual account.

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