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Hi All,

Is there a way to view only subcategories in the 1-mo budget view or adjust the font size? I use subcategories up to two levels and its difficult to decipher which category I'm looking at:


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    @edmora Unfortunately, there's no way to adjust the column widths in that screen. The 1-month budget screen is one of the "old" features which was adopted when the code from the 2010-era Quicken Essentials was used as the core code for the modern Quicken Mac. Until the developers re-code that screen to allow user adjustments, we're stuck with it the way it is. (If you turn on Dark Mode in Preferences in version 6.3, you'll see that this screen hasn't been worked on for dark-mode compatibility; I'm hoping that means they'll do some other substantive work on this screen at some point.)

    The same problem with the too-narrow category column also exists in the 12-month budget screen.

    Someone recently created an Idea post -- the way we users request enhancements to the program -- for this exact issue, and I'd encourage you to take a few seconds to click this link and add your vote to the Idea. (To do that, click the little arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box.) If the post garners significant votes, the forum moderators forward it the the development team for consideration. (Note this may already to on their to-do list, but we have no way of knowing.)
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