Quicken stopped recognizing a Fidelity account I have used for years

When down loading data, it places the information in a Fidelity account, but not the one I want to use. Why or what am I doing wrong?


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    Has the Fidelity Account Number been changed? It may have a leading space added or a trailing space added. To the existing Register. Deactivate the Register and add it back and link to your old Register.
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    Before you proceed with deactivating/reactivating your account(s), backup your data file in case something goes wrong.
    It sounds like you have more than one Fidelity account.  Since the data download affects two of them (the one it does not download into and the one it does incorrectly download into) I suggest deactivating both of them and then reactivating via Add Account or from one of those accounts reactivating via Set Up Now.
    During this set up process you should be prompted to make sure the downloaded data is Linked to the correct accounts in Quicken.  Failure to do this might result in Quicken setting up new accounts or linking the data with the incorrect accounts.
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    Thanks for the tips and advice. I will give it a try when I have some clear and open time.