How would I download a backup file from my cloud account to Quicken?

I want to save my Quicken backup file to my cloud account as I feel it would be safer there, but I can't figure out how I could bring it up in Quicken if and when I should need it.


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    Hi @Meri Keith,

    You can store a backup file in your cloud account but you cannot run Quicken from a datafile that is located in the cloud. 

    So, you would need to move the backup file from the cloud to a physical drive on your computer before you restore and/or run the datafile.  Trying to run Quicken with your datafile located anywhere except a drive physically located on/attached to your computer can be very problematic and is not recommended.


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    I want to save my Quicken backup file to my cloud account ....
    just to clarify - what do you mean by "cloud account" ?
    The Quicken "cloud" is NOT a backup - merely a shadow of certain selected Quicken accounts for the Quicken Mobile App or Quicken on the Web -
    And the other "cloud services" can store your Quicken Backup files - just like any other files...

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    The cloud account isn't a backup.  It is a partial copy of your data file for use with Mobile/Web, functions like Express Web Connect.

    To "backup to the cloud" you would set Quicken to put its backup file in "cloud folder" like a Dropbox, OneDrive, or GoogleDrive.

    For the automatic backup you can do that by using this option:
    Edit -> Preferences:

    For manual backups you would just browse to that folder.

    And if you needed to restore from a backup it would just be a matter of browsing to that folder when doing the restore.
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