Verizon Payment Failed- Only accept credit card transactions

I thought this issue was resolved but apparently not.  Do I need to call in a support ticket for this one?


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    Are you referring to your earlier discussion, ?
    Unless and until Verizon makes changes to their system to eliminate this message and accept checking account payments via Quick Pay again, IMHO the easiest way out of this issue is to set up your bill at Verizon's website to be directly debited from one of your credit cards or your checking account. Stop using Quick Pay for this bill.

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    Yes understand but it there an open ticket between Quicken and Verizon to resolve this?
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    Just happened to me also. first rejetion:"website is experiencing an outage. Second rejection: Will not accept your checking account as a method of payment. Third rejection: (after adding my checking account to my verizon account as a method of payment) Verizon will only accept card based payments.

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    Hello everyone,

    We are currently looking into Verizon Wireless Quickpays failing to process. More information is available in the issue post down below on what is causing the issue. Any further updates will also be found on the post. If you would like to bookmark the post select the ribbon to the right of the title to be notified of any updates.

    Quicken Francisco
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