Can you create a custom watchlist?

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I have certain stocks I keep a close eye on for different situations, pricing with specific range, etc.

Is there a way to create additional "watchlists" with only certain securities so I don't have to scroll through the whole list?

I could do this with a report but I really prefer the data format and info displayed on the watchlist screen.


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    There isn't a way to create a separate Watch List that I know of, but you can always create an offline brokerage account, e.g. "My Dream Investments" and record "Add shares" transactions for each of the investments you're interested in tracking.
    Add this account to your preferred Portfolio view (or create a new portfolio view) so you can follow its progress over time.
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    Couldn't you just use the portfolio view where you customize it to the security you want?
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    There is only one Watch List but the securities on it are included in a special account in the portfolio views. The securities in the Watch List account appear in the portfolio views even if you do not hold any shares.

    So as @Chris_CPW says, you could customize one or more portfolio view(s) to include the
    Watch List "account" and just some of your watch list securities. You can also select the columns to show, making the view the same as the Home tab watch list if that is what you want.
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    This thread leads me to believe there is one watchlist in Quicken. I am running R43.14 Canada under W10. However, I have not been able to create one. The instructions in Quicken help go as follows
    1. Click the investing tab
    2. Click the Portfolio button
    3. In the Portfolios List, scroll down to find the Watch List and click the word (add)

    I don't see the Watch List (see image)
  • Jim_Harman
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    The Watch List is a special Account in the portfolio views. It will contain any securities that have the Watch List box checked, including those you do not currently own. 

    To see the Watch List, click Customize while viewing a Portfolio view, select the Accounts tab, and make sure Watch List is checked. Click on OK, then next to Group by: select Accounts and scroll down to find the Watch List.

    If your Watch List does not include the securities you want, go to Tools > Security List and check or un-check the Watch list box for the securities you want. If a security you want to include is missing from the Security List, Click Show hidden securities to make sure it is not on the list but hidden, and if needed click on Add Security and follow the directions to add it, making sure the Include in Watch List box is checked.
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