Moving a Large Quicken File to a New Computer

I have a large Quicken file with many attachments that I need to move to a new computer. I have tried both transferring the file to a large flash drive and moving the file to cloud storage. Neither method has worked. The computer on which the file resides is going to fail. What are my options? I do not want to begin a new file; the existing file contains transactions and data pertaining to real estate improvements that I need to adjust cost bases.


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    Exactly how big is this file.  I find it very hard to believe that it is the attachments that are causing the problem.  You can strip out the attachments using the copy function, but like I said I doubt that is the problem.
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    HOW/WHY did the transfer via USB/flash drive fail?
    Is Q, on both computers the same product and BUILD?

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    What do you mean it "failed" ?
    You either copy the actual Quicken QDF file - to something - and then copy it over to the new computer.
    You then open it with the other installed version of Quicken.
    Does the other version of Quicken open and run correctly -
    Can you create a New file - just to test that it is working correctly -
    What happens when you try to open the copied over QDF file from the old system -
    What versions are the old and the new ....... Help --> About Quicken

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