how to get only the positive amounts in the Investment Income Report?

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Recently the Investment Income Report includes the positive and negative amounts for reinvest dividends. This makes it difficult to determine the total amount of income form investment. Prior to my "Upgrade" in April the reposts only included the only the positive amounts from div, Reinvt etc. Does anyone know how to correct this issue or when Q will correct the so called "improvements"


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    I'm on R34.24 but I'm not seeing what you're reporting here when I run an Investment Income report:
    During the period of time shown I've had dividends reinvested that have been shown both as Divs followed by Boughts, and as ReinvDivs. 
    Are you saying that the Boughts are being shown as income or expense, or that ReinvDivs are being shown twice, once positive and then again negative?
    Could you post a screen shot of what you're seeing?
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    here is a screen shot of a small portion of the report.
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    how do I post the screen shot?
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    Camlin said:
    how do I post the screen shot?

    If you know how to, drag and drop the image file(s) into the Leave a Comment box

    Please save images to files of file type PNG, JPG, or GIF only. They're easier to work with than PDF files.

  • Camlin
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    Investment Income - Year to Date

    1/1/2021 through 8/17/2021

    Date Action Security Symbol Category Quote/Price Shares Cash

    2/16/2021 ReinvDiv ABBVIE INC COM ABBV 105.328 1.312 -138.24
    ABBV _DivInc 138.24
    5/14/2021 ReinvDiv ABBVIE INC COM ABBV 117.211 1.194 -139.95
    ABBV _DivInc 139.95
    8/16/2021 ReinvDiv ABBVIE INC COM ABBV 118.159 1.198 -141.50
    ABBV _DivInc 141.50

    2/1/2021 ReinvDiv AT&T INC COM T 28.746 3.751 -107.84
    T _DivInc 107.84
    5/3/2021 ReinvDiv AT&T INC COM T 31.670 3.467 -109.79
    T _DivInc 109.79
    8/2/2021 ReinvDiv AT&T INC COM T 28.379 3.932 -111.60
    T _DivInc 111.60


    as you can see the net amount is zero which for several securities its difficult to see the actual income.
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    Based on your 8/17/21 3:42PM (Pacific Time) post it looks to me that you are "clicking through" the dollar amount on the  _DivInc line of the "Investment Income Report" and focusing on the ReinvDiv transactions.  But if what you really want is to understand the dividends "by security", then subtotal by Security and make sure to show both the "Amount Invested" column and the "Cash + Invest" column.  The "Cash + Invest" column will show the real dividends.

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    thank you. that did what I was looking for.
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