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I recently purchased a crypto join with a very very low price per coin and as a result have more 100,000,000 of the coin. Unfortunately Quicken doesn't reflect the correct share balance in the Portfolio view. Instead of showing 201,107,329.29 of the coin it only shows 100,000,000. Can Quicken correct this calculation error?

On a related note, it would be nice if you could capture prices accurately to more than six digits after the decimal place. Is there a plan to improve this?


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    HI @jasonhalpern,

    This is a "known issue" and it is related to the limitation that Quicken has with respect to "significant digits". 

    Here's a recent message thread that covers the issue well - LINK.  I suggest that you review it.

    Here's a recent Idea Post that covers this in more detail - LINK.  I would suggest that you up-vote it.


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    And in nutshell this is why I think they are going to have a really hard time supporting cryptocurrencies.
    I can pretty much guaranteed that all the numbers in Quicken are stored in C's double data format (it is also what is used in the floating point processors that make computing floating point (real numbers) "fast").

    The reason they aren't allowing the number to go over 100 million is they are trying to "save" the number of digits that are possible to for the fraction parts.  Right now that is 6 digits after the decimal point, and people want that to go to at least 8 digits.  And you really need to allow at least one "hidden" one for rounding correctly.

    Here is what a double looks like:

    With 8 digits after the decimal point they will be close to the limit, not including any increase for the digits on the left side.  And the other consideration is all over Quicken that number has to be displayed, and as such all the forms and such must have enough space so that you can see all of those digits.

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