Why does Copy remove Account Connection information? [edited]

In a recent revision of Quicken (I'm using R34.24), the Copy functionality was combined with Backup into "Copy or Backup File..."

 For years and years, Copy created a fully functional copy including One Step Update/Download Connections. Doing a Copy gave and still gives the option of using the old or new copy.

 I chose to use the new copied version so the last known good is left unchanged and I can move forward with new transactions. However, in the revised software, Copy no longer leaves the new copy functional by [removing] the Account Connections/Download information.

 Immediately after the copy, if I click One Step Update in the new copy I get this error:
"An Internal error occurred while initiating One Step Update. Please sign out and then sign in again. To sign out, select Edit -> Preferences -> Quicken ID & Mobile Accounts -> Sign in as a different user."

 First, this error is incomprehensible, incorrect, and doesn't tell you what is going on.

 Second, why is it a feature to make a copy of the Quicken file no longer usable.

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    If you haven't already, you may want to review the Release R34.13 notes: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-windows-release-notes

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    I think this is the story .....
    The entire COPY function was changed to help resolve an internal problem between the Quicken QDF file, and the infrastructure for Sync, Quicken Mobile App, and Quicken on the Web.
    Each QDF file has an internal Dataset Number - and that identifies the file to Quicken and is used to match up with the external Quicken Cloud, Mobile App, etc -
    When a previous COPY command was performed, the Dataset ID went along for the ride - and then confused and corrupted everything because - if the copy and original were both used, Quicken could not tell them apart for Sync transactions.

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    Addressing just this question:
    Why does Copy break One Step Update by deleting Account Connection information?
    The change was to solve a long running problem.

    Ever since Quicken started syncing information to the Quicken cloud data set (from Quicken 2014 and beyond) there has been a problem.  Every Quicken data file has a unique Id in it.  That unique Id is used to determine what Quicken cloud data set to sync with.  More an more data is being synced with that data set no matter if the Sync to Mobile/Web is on or off.  For instance Express Web Connect uses it for all the downloaded transactions.

    If you copy a data file say with Windows File Explorer or with the old Copy methods in Quicken, the unique Id never changed.  As such it was very easy for a user to create a copy and then start changing it as if it was a separate data file.  But the moment the user did any online operation it would start a sync of some of that information with the "old cloud data set" because the unique Id hasn't changed.  Well syncing two data files to the same cloud data set is definitely going to cause problems.

    So first off the new copy creates a new unique Id.  So this copy is in fact "not the old data file". It is a template for the new data file.  Given that it isn't the "old data file" then it makes perfect sense that they want people start fresh on connecting the financial institutions just to make sure there isn't any kind of "cross talk".

    If you want a copy of your data file that is intended to be used as that one and only data file, then use Backup instead.  Or you can use Windows File Explorer to do the copy.  Note that the only difference between a .QDF and a .QDF-Backup is this "type".  You can renaming a data file from .QDF-Backup to .QDF and open it.  The only reason for the .QDF-Backup type is that if you open that type Quicken will prompt you to copy it to another place "restore it" and then open it.  If the type is .QDF it just opens it in place.
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