my account is no longer in the onestep update vault

Manage passwords no longer shows some of my accounts so I can't even input my passwords again.


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    Hi @alizabeth

    Yes, the password vault has changed recently when Quicken updated some of its online processes. 

    What were you trying to do regarding your passwords?  Hopefully you are still able to connect with and download transactions from your accounts. 

    If a password has changed, the next time you try to download from that account, it won't work (i.e. download) but Quicken will then ask you for the (new) password and then it will be saved by Quicken similar to the way it worked before.


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  • alizabeth
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    Hi, thank you Frankx. when i hit one step, each of my bank accounts asks for a password. I put them in but a message comes up and says the bank accounts need passwords. So that didn't work. So I went to "manage passwords," however, none of my bank accounts show up on the list. None. Nor my investment accounts--only my credit cards, so I can't put in my passwords there. My accounts do show up in the account list--phew! They do show up in the one-step update, but "password and a box for them" is greyed out, and as I say, "manage passwords" doesn't bring up my asset accounts at all. Zero.
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    On the Account List (Tools menu), are these Express Web Connect or Direct Connect connections?  That will determine if there should be passwords in the PV, see this thread also: EWC->QCS No Pwd

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  • alizabeth
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    Thank you. I will call today and see if they can answer my question. They all worked before. I went back to a previous saved file. Thanks, again.
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