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New Brokerage Account Linked Checking Download Transactions Auto Entry Issues

I am having several issues with downloaded transactions to brokerage account with linked checking for cash. This was a new account created in February 2021. I have another account with another firm that works fine created several years ago. This does not appear to be an issue with the brokerage's downloads as the do appear to work unless there is in fact a difference in the way they send transactions.

In the new account's Online Services options, Automatic entry is explicitly turned OFF (I have messed with this several times to no avail). The default preferences are also unchecked to not auto enter transactions.

There are several issues:
1) When I do one step update, Quicken appears to attempt auto entry of the downloaded transactions even though auto entry is off. I can see the indicator next to the account that I have downloaded transactions but once Online Update completes the indicator goes away as if the transactions were auto entered.
2) If I am not on the checking register screen during auto update, downloaded transactions will show 0 and I cannot see what transactions were downloaded. To avoid this, I have set my start up view to be this register and after updating the downloaded transactions do show in the proper window as new or match. The transactions will already be in the register.
3) Transactions show up in the register with the status of new or match and I can use the various options in the status column such as "Mark as reviewed".
4) New transactions show up duplicated such one for today's interest income. One transaction showed the status of new and the other looked like a matched or manual entry. Both transactions showed cleared.
5) If I delete the transaction marked new without marking as reviewed, the account balance in the Account list column does not update and mismatches the register balance. The only way to resolve is a Super Validate.
6) If I have pre-entered a transaction that matches a downloaded transaction, I can accept the match but the transaction is also duplicated and I have to delete my pre-entered one.

As stated another brokerage account with linked checking setup several years ago uses auto entry off (actually via the preferences default) without auto entering and handles new and matched transactions without issue or duplication.

Thanks for any help. Brett


  • basimmer
    basimmer Member ✭✭
    BTW this is Windows Quicken Premier current version R35.26 though the issue started with account creation back in the February version.
  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2021
    Our Fidelity Cash Management Account has behaved this way for many years.  In addition to using Automatic Entry even when Automatic Entry is Off, the red flag icon for the accounts in the Account Bar will clear when the download completes.
  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    This doesn't even really sound like the real automatic entry mode.  More like a buggy something in between mode.  When you're in automatic entry mode you first see you a red flag as it's downloading and then it changes to a blue dot.  
    This is my website:
  • basimmer
    basimmer Member ✭✭
    edited August 2021
    Sherlock's comment matches what I see at download. I also agree with Chris_QPW that this mode seems weird and buggy. The most annoying part is when I forget to review the "new" transaction, the account list balance and register balance are not the same, and have to run a super validate. Though I can say my Quicken file is pretty clean. :)
  • basimmer
    basimmer Member ✭✭
    After R36.17 (September) update I continue to have this issue though I have not had a matched transaction duplication. Below are my revised notes I am collecting for a bug report:

    These issues are related to my Raymond James checking account which is setup as a brokerage account with "show cash in a checking account" set to yes. This was setup as the only valid choice when linking my Raymond James accounts. The brokerage side has no securities and a zero balance. All activity is in the linked checking account. I had the same type of setup with Morgan Stanley and never had these issues (I still have these accounts setup but no longer have activity with MS).

    1) During one step update, I can see the downloaded transactions flag appear. Once one step update completes, the flag disappears.

    2) For transactions that are a pre-entered match, the downloaded transaction area shows them as matched. In the register the transactions show as already cleared (unlike other accounts where matched transactions are uncleared) and the status column shows new match. Accepting the matches appears to work normally.

    3) For a new downloaded interest transaction, the transaction shows in the register as "new" and a cleared transaction. It also shows in the downloaded transaction section as new and unmatched. It cannot be matched manually as the cleared transaction is not found in the manual match window. Upon accepting, both transactions appear in the register as a cleared duplicate. Upon deleting either transaction, the register balance (correct) and left hand account list balance (incorrect) no longer match off by the amount of the deleted duplicate transaction.

    4) To fix the account list / register balance mismatch, a super validate has to be performed.